Friday, 1 April 2011

Website & Other Resources

After lots of tinkering, the Magnificent Minds webpage went live today! Very, VERY exciting. In doing a little internet hunting, I came across a few really, REALLY good websites that I cannot help but pass on.

1. The ID bracelets are fabulous; they have the medic alert sign, and are personalized for each child. They come in many colours, patterns, and sizes to meet all your kids' needs. I cannot stress enough how amazing these are for nonverbal children. Love, love, love!

2.Model Me Going Places 2...ok, so it's not a website exactly. It's an IPAD application, a free one! I haven't gone through it in much detail yet, but it seems very cool at first glance. It allows your child to watch same-age peers in various social situations. It's based on the teaching concept of video modeling, which is found to be particularly useful when working with visual learners (like those on the Autism spectrum). If TV is motivating for your child, you may consider downloading this free application to assist the transition into new environments (playgrounds, birthday parties, family functions, malls, and so on). I think it's particularly clever, because it uses something inherently reinforcing for many kids (IPADs, screens, and so on) and presents video modeling in a way that is age-appropriate and socially appropriate. A great website, full of useful information about Applied Behaviour Analysis, schools and centers using ABA approaches, and other guides for parents of children with Autism, Hyperlexia, and PDD/PDDNOS. I like the website because the purpose is to get maximum information to the public; you'll find all the answers on this website. IPAD Application for Special Needs Children has IPAD programs based on ABA teaching principles; what an amazing way to solidify knowledge gained in session or school! Choose from receptive language programs, number and counting programs, and so much more. This is the first I have seen of ABA applications; LOVE THAT!

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