Thursday, 14 April 2011

Sibling Integration as a vital component of the Social Skill Building Experience!

Why Integrate A Sibling?

Many parents want their special needs child to experience the joy of summer camp; to spend time outside, and have the freedom to explore, grow and develop in an environment that is nurturing and safe. Taking it one step beyond, many parents also want some kind of facilitated socialization; a way for a child whose first instinct is solitary play, to engage with a group and/or thrive within the group dynamic.

Integrating siblings into the camp experience is partially an attempt to strengthen family connection, and partially an attempt to assist siblings in engaging with, supporting, and understanding  his or her special needs sibling(s). In a controlled environment, activities will be designed to meet the needs of the individual children, while addressing each child at his or her level.

Summer camp curriculum is developed by summer camp directors Lindsay & Alley! 

L & A have been successfully planning educational and extra-curricular programs for over ten years, and are confident in programming strategies, teaching tactics, and ability to assess needs. Our staff are professionals, with a desire to make meaningful change within the community.

Research-Based Approach

Research demonstrates that imitation skills are among the foundational social and play skills, which in time shapes social behaviour. All children are able to learn to imitate, thus all children are able to learn successful ways of engaging with peers, teachers, and family. With a sibling, children may become comfortable with the social experience; there is an instant rapport between siblings, which cannot be created artificially.

Some ways we target specific sibling-situations, are:

-Individualized Social Stories
*Being Gentle
*Saying Hello
*Asking for Help
-Visual Schedules
*Steps in Play
*Turn Taking

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