Saturday, 2 April 2011

ABA Therapy for Children with DS

ABA is an effective way for all hands on and visual learners to develop.

Children with Down's, like children with Autism, Sensory Integration Disorder, and others, in addition to being visual learners, often benefit from the individualized application of ABA the curriculum; the ABA curriculum is designed for learners with language delays.

ABA has been tremendously useful for increasing verbal behaviour, developing discrimination skills, and increasing overall compliance and willingness to learn. By increasing communication, developing social skills and refining self help skills, all children can thrive within the framework of ABA.

Here are some example of how ABA Therapy may be useful as a tool for assisting children with DS (Down's Syndrome).

After viewing the video you will see that "Manding" is another way of saying asking, or requesting; increasing verbal behaviour is on the radar for many parents of children with DS, so you will likely see the value immediately!

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