Saturday, 26 March 2011

Birth Announcement: Magnificent Minds, April, 2011

Magnificent Minds is an endeavour created based on parent demand for individualized special education services; providing one-to-one and/or low ratio group environments, we teach children from 3-12 years with various disabilities. With a major focus on the preschool and kindergarten years, many of our learners are developing foundational learning and life skills.
Magnificent Minds is a unique environment for learners to thrive within the framework of individualized programming, and pedagogy rooted in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). ABA is an evidence-based method of instruction for learners with moderate to severe disabilities.
Employing teachers who understand the variables that impact learning, we account for all the details. Providing plenty of opportunities for enriched one-to-one learning, we create tailor-made programs for each child based on individual strengths and needs. With a holistic approach to education, we target goals across all domains of development (Life, Play, Academic, Social, and Behavioural/Emotional).

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