Sunday, 24 June 2012

Personality from a Behavioural Perspective

The more I learn about personality, from a counselling perspective, the more I question the environmental variables. Let me back up a step, personality manifests in behaviour that is observable, and therefore measurable; that's a relief, right?

 Environmental factors are crucial in the formation of personality; they inform it, and even shape it. I am sure we have all experienced the child that is sweet as candy at his own home and then suddenly turns on a hyperactive switch when they get into any new environment, from Grandma's to a friend's house. Then there are the children that reliably exhibit certain behaviours in certain environments, and not at all in others.

For starters, I always tell teachers and parents that kids will always live up to the expectation you set for them; if you "write them off" because they are too this or too that, they will definitely pick up on it and act accordingly.

I reject the idea that kids with ASD are not perceptive and posit that they are very perceptive, but just don't' always know what to make of what they perceive. In my experience, non verbals kiddies are hyper aware of your demeanor, it speaks more than words.

Be positive, upbeat and genuinely engaged; if you don't love what you do, you can't fake it...

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