Saturday, 3 September 2011

The MM Perspective

Looking for something, but don’t know what?

Often times, parents are looking for maximum engagement as a way of increasing overall independence and quality of life for their kids. The reason you have yet to find the “right” additional programming for your child, is because it has not been created yet...wait a minute, what do I mean!?

Perfect programming comes from individualization, parent and professional communication and so many other variables that are relevant based on your unique situation. The perfect additional program is waiting for you, but it will take some meaningful communication first!

We provide holistic programs, meaning we target development of the whole child.

We are guided by principles of ABA in everything we do, meaning that our standard is high and we implement only evidence-based techniques.

In consult with other multi disciplinary professionals including SLPs, OTs, BCBAs and educational professionals, we support development across all domains including (but not limited to) life and leisure skills. Life and leisure skills contribute to your child’s overall quality of life and often need to be targeted systematically for maximum gains.

It’s September, and it’s time to start thinking about additional ways to keep your child engaged. After-school, weekends, or during the day there is always something going on at Magnificent Minds. Offering group and 1:1 learning, we are able to meet your needs. To set up a tour of our space, call us today!

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