Saturday, 23 July 2011

It has been a hot, hot summer!

MM Camp is in full-effect! We have been battling the heat by staying cool in our school, and going outside equipped with water, hats and lots of sunscreen. Here are some of the coolest things we did at camp this week and last:

-We made ice-cream from scratch! We practiced turn-taking, following instruction in a group, and reciprocal play. We rolled the ball of ice-cream (yes, the ball!) back and forth and had our campers take part in pairs as well as in a larger group. The more we rolled, the faster it would become ice cream! It was a huge success, and we LOVED to eat the finished product.

-In a heat wave, one must stay cool! We went skating on shaving cream! A sensory experience for the feet, and eye because we illuminated the room with black lights. Pulling back the carper, we had the perfect canvas for sliding around and driving cars, trucks and boats through the gloopy ground. The shaving cream turned a lovely colour of violet, beneath the black light,  and our Art-Shirts glowed as the kids glided around with 1:1 support (their partner) to ensure safety and fun. Even some of our sensory-avoiders could not help but join in on the fun.  We practiced following safety rules, and using our words to invite our partners to play.

-We took a tour of the fire station! It was especially neat when the FANTASTIC fire fighters showed us how they also wear headphones when it gets too noisy. That was a HUGE hit among our group as you can imagine. We sat in the captain chair, climbed on the truck and LOVED to see the pole that the fire fighters go up and down. We practiced answering questions, exploring new places and following community safety rules. We practice using our manners to say please and thanks, and most importantly remembered to stay safe. A huge, HUGE thank-you to the Toronto Fire Fighters who were incredible in the way they interacted with our group.

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