Sunday, 26 June 2011

Fantastic Discovery right around the corner

Scouting out our new neighborhood, Billy (that is my Director of Accounts) and I found a huge sensory park three blocks away from our new home in North York. We are super excited to announce that several afternoons this summer will be spend pin-nicing in a FANTASTIC sensory park; the park is inset from the road, in a private area shaded by trees. It is not near  any major roads, and is lined with trees providing an excellent visual reminders of physical boundaries. It could not be more ideal for our learners.

In the park there are two huge structures and three or four smaller ones; each one is taller than the next, and performs one of several motions (spinning, rocking, sliding, swinging and so on). There is one structure that is over 8ft tall; it is a cascading climbing wall that even a grown-up would find enticing. The park is surrounded by tons of grass, perfect for pic-nics and soccer games. The park is amazing because there are activities for children from 3 to 18+ right in the same physical area. I guarantee my employees are going to love the park, and would bet money on at least one of them getting on one of the toys and taking it for a ride (I know I sure did). The majority of the toys require little physical strength and are designed for maximum motion for minimum output; this means that many of our friends with low muscle tone, and poor coordination are still able to participate in an active way.

The second major find in our area, besides the local grocery store and DQ, is a community center and outdoor pool; the next step is to find out whether there is a lifeguard on duty, if so...we will definitely pay a visit this summer once or twice!

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